This is where I live

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The time is coming for me to go home.  I've spent the last ten months of my life in a country whose population (mostly) lives so far beneath the poverty line, that those of us blessed enough to have been born in a developed nation, cannot comprehend it.  In Phnom Penh I am lucky enough

A Glimpse into Poverty

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Living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, means that I have to be prepared for the unexpected.  Recently I was asked to take my camera into a very impoverished community situated on a lake that is being pumped full of the city's sewage, while simultaneously being filled in for development.  Talk about backwards. Getting to photograph a

Photoshoot for Marum

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Last week I had the opportunity to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to do a photoshoot for a new restaurant opening there in October.  Marum is yet another culinary offspring of NGO Friends International, and like it's counterparts in Phnom Penh, will be the hospitality training ground for former marginalized and street youth, as well as

Cambodia, Coastal Beauty

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Last weekend, Tyson and I decided to head to the coast with two of our Phnom Penh friends.  We hadn't caught a glimpse of the ocean in almost three months, and as island people, we decided it was high time.  Koh Kong is small, remote and hugs the Thailand border.  It was our destination because

Oh, how things change . . .

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I have chosen to remove the content of this post, until further notice, due to the (apparently) controversial nature of it.  While I am not happy with the way the final days at Pari were handled, and I do not take back what I wrote, my intention was not to create animosity or controversy amongst