Today we’re planning on leaving Boracay, and heading south to a place called Sipalay.  We’ll do this by traveling on ferries and busses, as opposed to flying, which would be much faster, but a lot more expensive.

Yesterday we went on a snorkelling trip, but we didn’t see much.  It was actually quite disappointing.  The water was very choppy so we didn’t get to two locations we were meant to go, and the corals around Boracay island don’t look healthy at all.  We did see a few puffer fish, angel fish and some others that were beautiful. Here, they’ll charge you fees for everything they can.  They tried to charge me another $150 pesos for my fins but I firmly said no.  They did charge us $40 pesos for an environmental protection fee, but the poor state of the corals would prove to anyone that fee is being pocketed, and not used to save marine life.

On our snorkelling trip, we met a lovely Swedish couple named Hannah and Felix, and we ended up going for dinner with them to a place called Smoke.  That was probably the highlight of my day.  As we were calling for our bill, the skies opened up and poured inches of water onto the streets.  We decided to order another beer instead.  Hannah and Felix are spending 4 months doing something kind of similar to Tyson and I, and so we chatted about traveling, and enjoyed comparing Sweden to Canada.  Turns out we have a lot in common!

Then the power cut out, leaving us in absolute darkness for about a minute before the generators came on.  I’ve heard this island can lose power for days at a time, so the businesses are well-equiped with backup.

We waited out the rain with good conversation, and then headed back to our respective hotels.

I better finish this up so we can eat breakfast and be on our way!