Ok, I’m not American, but the US elections always seem to dominate the world’s media stage.  So even though today’s My Favourite Thing on The Internet doesn’t apply to Canadians, or anyone else outside of the States, I still think it is brilliant advertising, a creative conversation starter, and completely relevant.

7-11’s all over the States are using Voting Cups when serving coffee, forcing their customers to choose between an Obama cup and a Romney cup, and therefor allowing them to participate in the 7-Elections 2012.

I have no idea what they’ll be doing with the final results, and I sure hope it doesn’t cause street brawls in the more extreme parts of the country.  But I think this ad campaign is one of the best yet, and perhaps it will allow people to question why they’re voting for a particular candidate, and to open up and talk about politics, something that seems to be so taboo in today’s culture.   I’d love to see them do the same in Canada.  Stephen Harper cup, anyone?