The Drinkable Book

My favourite thing on the internet today is the Drinkable Book, created by WATERisLIFE using pAge Drinking Papers.  Not only is it a gorgeous piece of graphic design (which we all know is the best way to capture someone’s attention) but the individual pages of the book can be removed and used as water filters.

WATERisLIFE’s mission is to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene programs to people in developing countries.

The Drinkable Book is both a water filter and an instruction manual for how and why to clean drinking water.  This technology uses a thick, sturdy sheet of paper embedded with silver nanoparticles, which are lethal for microbes.

I think it’s pretty neat, and I hope the project takes off!

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  1. Trudy June 10, 2015 at 10:54 pm - Reply

    What a great idea! Simple is beautiful and always wins out. Hats off to these innovators; everyone should know about this book. One book can prvide up to four years of safe drinking water.

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