I’ve heard this is going around, so I was delighted when it was my turn to receive a text from a random number, enquiring about my web design services.


I knew right off the bat this project request was a scam, bu I’m posting this anyway, to help bring awareness to this.

The scammer makes contact by either text message or email.  They almost always ask if you accept credit card (that’s how the scam works), and are notorious for using the phrase “Can you handle that for me?

What they’re hoping, is that they’ll stumble upon a desperate designer looking for work, who is gullible enough to fall for the scam.  They will string you along long enough to overpay your design deposit with a stolen credit card. Then they’ll ask you to pay one of their consultants/clients/you-name-it on behalf of them, with the remainder.  Because it takes the bank a couple of days to figure out the card is stolen, it’ll look like the money actually went into your account.  The bank will claw that payment back of course, and in the meantime, you’ve paid their fake consultant, and you’re out the cash.

So beware, fellow design friends!  Don’t fall for this one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to respond to this guy and see how much longer I can string him along.