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Say NO to the design competition

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Every designer, no matter what specialty, is encouraged to participate in design competitions.  Well meaning people, usually government bodies or other large organizations, dream up these competitions to save themselves money, and to give designers "exposure".  Because, you know, exposure pays bills.  The winner of the competition will get their work displayed publicly and will usually

A logo versus a brand

Quite often I get asked what the difference is between a logo and a brand.  This is not a stupid question, but the answer is actually pretty simple.  A brand is the feeling a person gets about your product, service, or organization. It is so much more than just the logo on your business card. A good logo

Understanding Your SLR 101: Exposure

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Photography has come a long way in the last twenty years, and nowadays, just about anyone can afford to get their hands on a pretty powerful piece of photo-snapping equipment.  But purchasing a camera is only the first step.  In order to take decent photos, there are three factors you need to understand, because together, they determine the

An easy way to rid yourself of referrer spam

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There is no better feeling for a small business owner, than signing into your Google Analytics account and finding a spike in traffic. You get excited, and drill down to analyse the source. You see that you have a new referral that has created 32 new sessions in just a few days. Great news! Except, you don’t remember posting