How I Survived the Client from Hell (And how you can stay clear of him too)

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I love my work. Graphic design is my passion, my inspiration and my life. I’m constantly inspired by what I see other designers doing and hold my own work to equally high levels of standard and innovation. I value my clients and ensure that the professional relationship I cultivate with each one is at the

The Drinkable Book

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My favourite thing on the internet today is the Drinkable Book, created by WATERisLIFE using pAge Drinking Papers.  Not only is it a gorgeous piece of graphic design (which we all know is the best way to capture someone's attention) but the individual pages of the book can be removed and used as water filters. WATERisLIFE’s

My favourite time-wasting websites

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If you're like me and you spend a large chunk of your day in front of a computer, you probably enjoy wasting some of that time on the internet. Here are my top eight favourite guilty pleasure time-wasting websites, in no particular order.  Keep in mind that I've use the word WASTING, which means these aren't

Plitvice, maybe heaven does exist . . .

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If the creators of Avatar wanted to re-film the movie using a real-life setting, they would undoubtedly choose Croatia's natural gem, Plitvice Lakes National Park, as their location. Plitvice (pronounced Plit-vit-sa) is made up of sixteen azure pools that vary in size and depth, wedged like a necklace of bright blue jewels into steep limestone crags.


Considering how much I dislike flying, it’s a wonder I’ve voluntarily been on so many airplanes in the past year.  It took me a total of four jets to get to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city.  It will take me five to get home. The first flight was the tease, the puddle-hop from Victoria to Vancouver,