Say NO to the design competition

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Every designer, no matter what specialty, is encouraged to participate in design competitions.  Well meaning people, usually government bodies or other large organizations, dream up these competitions to save themselves money, and to give designers "exposure".  Because, you know, exposure pays bills.  The winner of the competition will get their work displayed publicly and will usually

The Drinkable Book

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My favourite thing on the internet today is the Drinkable Book, created by WATERisLIFE using pAge Drinking Papers.  Not only is it a gorgeous piece of graphic design (which we all know is the best way to capture someone's attention) but the individual pages of the book can be removed and used as water filters. WATERisLIFE’s

My favourite time-wasting websites

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If you're like me and you spend a large chunk of your day in front of a computer, you probably enjoy wasting some of that time on the internet. Here are my top eight favourite guilty pleasure time-wasting websites, in no particular order.  Keep in mind that I've use the word WASTING, which means these aren't

My top favourite: clever advertising 2

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It's that time again!  I've compiled a list of my top favourite clever ads.  These campaigns are smart, compelling and super creative.  Check out my original list of favourite clever ads here. This one needs an explanation.  Chilean ADT home security company created an extremely clever ad campaign that used spring loaded paper boxes to