The Design Process

As a professional, I am a communication strategist who combines aesthetic judgement with project management. Typically this process involves four phases:

1. Project Planning & Familiarization

  • Client meetings to establish goals scheduling and budget, as well as content requirements, visual requirements and production considerations.  This can be done over the phone/skype, in person or even via email, if necessary.
  • An extensive review of business plan and marketing strategy is often necessary.

2. Concept Development

  • Design proposal and rough layout for the client’s evaluation and approval. This may include preliminary specifications for typography, photography or illustration, paper, printing technique or programming.
  • Refinement of design proposal and preparation of revised and more detailed sketches (comprehensives) for final approval.

3. Production & Implementation

  • Direction of copywriting, typesetting, photography and illustration.
  • Preparation of rough assembly incorporating typography, photography, charts, etc.
  • Ongoing client liaison for proofreading and correction purposes.
  • Assembly of “camera-ready artwork” (computer files) or programming templates.
  • Preparation of detailed printing/coding specifications.

4. Quality control & supervision

  • Quality control and client liaison to achieve final approvals of colour proofs, blueprints, presswork and finishing of printed matter or review and testing of websites in a variety of online environments and browsers.

A responsibility exists for both the client and I to define the precise scope of work expected. If the initial assignment changes because of unforeseen circumstances, the client can expect to be advised and any fee changes mutually agreed upon.