Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question that isn’t listed here?  Please contact me, and I’d be happy to answer it!

It varies depending on what you need. I’m competitively priced, and the advantage of working with me is that I don’t have any big overhead costs, like a design firm does.

I’m happy to send a quote or give a ballpark when I know more specifics about your project. Please contact me for more details!

No. Design isn’t a commodity.

“A commodity is anything for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. In other words, copper is copper. Rice is rice. Stereos, on the other hand, have many levels of quality. And, the better a stereo is, the more it will cost.”

You’ll find a wide range of pricing when you start looking for a graphic designer. Some of us work independently which helps keep our costs down, while others will have large overhead because they work for a firm. Brand new designers tend to charge less in order to gain a client base, but may or may not provide you with the guidance and experience you need. I’m competitively priced, but don’t forget that you get what you pay for.

My hourly rate for photography is higher than it is for graphic design, because I’m only charging you for the time I’m shooting. What you don’t see, is the time I then spend in front of my computer, choosing and editing your photos.
Absolutely! I retain the right to use the design I create for you only for my own promotional purposes.
Yes, for the most part. Especially for the first project, and anything major like a website or logo design. I require a 40% deposit before I begin work, and I will have a contract for both of us to sign. The contract is as much for your protection as it is for mine. Once we have a solid working relationship I’m happy to do hourly work for you, and bill you per completed project or monthly, depending on what suits you.
Unless you have the required software and fonts, you will not be able to edit the files yourself. I do not work in Microsoft Word or Pagemaker. It is highly recommended that you hire a designer to edit your design files if there are any changes down the road.
I accept cash, cheque and electronic transfer. I’m gearing up to accept VISA and Mastercard soon!
It depends on the job specifics. Typically, the first draft of a logo design will include three to four different designs for your input. Whereas, only one brochure design or website design will be presented, according to the specifications we’ve discussed. After your input, I will make changes and present the refined design for your approval. After that, a reasonable amount of small changes are included in the original design quote. After that, any additional changes you request will be billed at my hourly rate. All this will be spelled out in the design proposal for your approval, before a deposit is taken or work begins.
The time frame to complete your graphic design project will vary depending upon the details of the job. We’ll arrive at a mutually agreeable time frame before work begins. As you can read in my client testimonials, I have a reputation for reliable and timely delivery, and if there is any hold-up in the process, I will communicate that clearly with you.
Yes, I encourage rough sketches and digital mockups. They give me a clear idea of what you’re looking for. If, for any reason, I feel that what you have in mind is not going to work for you, I’ll explain why, and let you decide how you’d like to proceed. Remember that you’re hiring me for my expertise, not just my ability to move pixels around on a screen. If the project is a logo design, I’ll always include a design that deviates from your ideas, just to show you what other options are available.
It depends on the project, but the most common are .pdf, and .jpg. You can request .eps, .ai and .png too. Some of these files you’ll be unable to open without the appropriate software, but they’re good to have on hand so you can send them to printers, or other designers if need be.
Don’t fret! I keep backups of your design forever, and you can always request new files at no cost.