This is going Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys to be quick.  Our internet service is very spotty and to make matters worse, my computer chose our departure & day to start causing me problems!  It freezes randomly on start up, and I’ve tried Safe Booting, and repairing disc utilities but so far nothing has worked.  It’s already wholesale nba jerseys frozen once while I’ve attempted Airbrush to write this!

We are staying on the island of Cheung Chau and it’s quite pretty in a distinctly Asian way.  There are no cars on the island except emergency and small bus-like  vehicles.  People here speak very little english.  Today is overcast but Cornue very warm.

We slept very well last night.  This morning we went downstairs and had a “western” breakfast which was decent. cheap nfl jerseys It was nice to have breakfast included Dress with our accommodation, but I didn’t bother asking for a mocha!  Then we took a look off the rooftop balcony and now we’re going to shower and get ready to go and out exploring.

We’re going to stay spend today wandering cheap nba jerseys around the island and go into downtown Hong Kong tomorrow.  We’re 15 hours ahead of Victoria!

I dont’ see being able to upload any photos in the very near future, as I 3 can hardly send an email right wholesale jerseys now, Episode but I promise we’re taking lots!!