Palawan, paradise for tourists

We arrived in Puerto Princesa a few days ago, which was our introduction to rugged and breathtaking Palawan island. The city is quite beautiful, and has a lot to teach most other Philippine cities with it's modern architecture, laid-back vintage feel and suprising anti-litter laws. As a result, there isn't a bargain to be found,

Farewell, sweet Siquijor

Leaving friends for a second time is even more difficult than the first.  After spending time on tiny Apo island, we decided to head back to Siquijor for another five days, before leaving the Visays altogether.  Apo and Siquijor are both accessible from Dumaguete, a transitioning city we've ended up spending a number of nights

Paradise on Apo Island

Apo island is 17 hectares in size, and home to a youthful, vibrant population of about 800.  The village is quaint, with well-kept nipa huts dotting the single walking path that is the island's main road.  The cement path is about a metre wide, and is often filled with kids playing jump rope, women doing

Back in Dumaguete

Yup, this is a long one! We’ve just arrived back in Dumaguete after 14 glorious days on Siquijor island.  Leaving behind new friends was harder than we’d expected. On a bright Monday morning, after successfully withdrawing 20,000 pesos (about $450 CAD) from the island’s only foreign card-accepting ATM, we headed to the tiny village of

Sipalay to Siquijor

We’re now on Siquijor island, in a place called Lorena, and our original plan was to stay on the island for up to a month.  But as we’re quickly learning, around here, even loosely made plans can be difficult to stick to.  And this glitch has come in the form of another bank issue. We

Sugar Beach, Sipalay

Getting around the Philippines by any mode of transportation other than air is not for the faint of heart, or faint of stomach.  But it’s a lot cheaper than flying!  We’ve spent the last two days traveling from Boracay to Sipalay, and it wasn’t difficult, but it took a good sense of humour, some teamwork,

Leaving Boracay

Today we're planning on leaving Boracay, and heading south to a place called Sipalay.  We'll do this by traveling on ferries and busses, as opposed to flying, which would be much faster, but a lot more expensive. Yesterday we went on a snorkelling trip, but we didn't see much.  It was actually quite disappointing.  The

Boracay island

On Sunday we went to the beach, and as we approached the water I heard my name being called out.  Ella was there with her cousins, and she came running up to meet us.  We spent a couple of hours playing with them, and this time I grabbed my camera.  Tyson brought along his dive

Photos of Hong Kong!

We have arrived in the Philippines!  We're staying on a small island called Boracay, where the sand is fine, the temperature is hot, and there are more tourists than we'd anticipated.  It's still technically the off-season here, so we'd hoped there wouldn't be so many visitors, but we're making the most of it! We're staying

Wandering around Hong Kong

We had originally planned on spending all three of our nights in Cheung Chau, but after realizing there was a possibility we wouldn't make our morning flight because of the commute, we canceled the third night and opted to spend it somewhere closer to the airport.  Well, it turns out we couldn't find anything that