Say NO to the design competition

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Every designer, no matter what specialty, is encouraged to participate in design competitions.  Well meaning people, usually government bodies or other large organizations, dream up these competitions to save themselves money, and to give designers "exposure".  Because, you know, exposure pays bills.  The winner of the competition will get their work displayed publicly and will usually

How I Survived the Client from Hell (And how you can stay clear of him too)

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I love my work. Graphic design is my passion, my inspiration and my life. I’m constantly inspired by what I see other designers doing and hold my own work to equally high levels of standard and innovation. I value my clients and ensure that the professional relationship I cultivate with each one is at the

7-11 Voting Cups

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Ok, I'm not American, but the US elections always seem to dominate the world's media stage.  So even though today's My Favourite Thing on The Internet doesn't apply to Canadians, or anyone else outside of the States, I still think it is brilliant advertising, a creative conversation starter, and completely relevant. 7-11's all over the